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Nov 11 13 5:01 AM

test again

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Mar 16 17 5:01 PM

false positive & taking my 13 take home doses away.. please help someone.

--Guys I need someone's help/advice/guidance please please please. I'm gonna tell you my exact history & what happened. 
~ Some info about me: 
-been at the clinic for about 2 and a 1/2 years now, never once have I had a positive UA, I have done every single thing that they've asked from me, I follow all the rules & have been very serious about doing well in the program. 
- I work full time, & i am (well, WAS) at M13.
- I have been on prescribed Adderall for a long long time. 
- I have been dosing down, my highest dosage I got up to was 98mgs & im down to 20mgs as of today.
~Today I went in to my clinic, went to the front desk to check in, the front desk girl told me my counselor had a hold on me (where you're not allowed to dose until you meet with your counselor first). So I go back to my counselors office & she tells me I have a positive for methamphetamine. I was obviously taken back but not worried because a long time ago I had another positive for meth but they dismissed it (I'm not sure exactly what happened with that but they did). I figured the adderall caused it.
So I immediately told the counselor that is not right & that I will pay the $20.00 fee to have my urine re analyzed. I'm not sure what exactly happens at the lab they send the UAs to but apparently they break the enzeymes or molecules?? (Idk guys, bare with me.. I'm not good with the chemistry stuff ) down to see what caused the positive test. She then looked into it and was told by one of the main director people's that they had already had it looked into & that it still came up positive.
i lost it, started crying and couldn't believe I was being fucked over like this. I HAVE NEVER EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE DONE METH. So I have no idea what the hell I can do from here. I feel so defeated & all from something I didn't even do. So now I'm back to square one, I have to come into the clinic every single day again & go back to doing 2 groups a week. I am so so so saddened & angry. It feels like I am absolutely powerless, idk what to do... if anything. Any suggestions at all? I am so incredibly motivated to get the hell out of this clinic. It's so unfair that I have done every single thing asked of me, I've always flown under the radar & never caused any waves. I don't understand how this could have happened. Oh and also, I've had a strange anxiety about something like this happening in the back of my mind because I've heard others tell the exact same story. When I heard it from others I honestly wondered how the hell that would even happen & I figured they were bullshitting me. Nope...

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