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Mar 4 10 3:00 PM

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Over the years we have had posters come through occasionally--and sometimes regularly--who are devotees of the 12 step programs (NA/AA/CA etc) often used in abstinence-based recovery.  While posters are more than welcome to do whatever works for them in their recovery of course--and it's not a problem for someone to simply mention that group attendance was or was not helpful to them--it is COUNTER to this Board's purpose to push, urge or encourage other posters to attend such meetings, or to provoke discourse on why such meetings should be or must be a part of one's recovery, how we should integrate with these programs, etc. 

This is a board for those in MEDICATION ASSISTED treatment.  The philosophy of MAT is quite different and often in opposition to the philosophy of 12 step/abstinence based recovery.  We promote evidence based recovery, and feel that 12 step group attendance can be quite dangerous for those in MAT, as they are often made to feel that they are still in active addiction, encouraged to leave treatment, forbidden to share at meetings, and told that belief in a "higher power" is essential to their recovery.

For these reasons, I wanted to re-state that the purpose of the board is NOT to be all things to all addicts, nor to support/encourage all methods of treatment--it is SPECIFIC to medication assisted treatment. Posts arguing about the need for and/or superiority of 12 step ideology will henceforth be deleted.  Posters who continue in this vein after having been warned will be banned. 


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Dec 30 15 1:47 PM

No faith in oranges?

The old rotten orange in the back of the fridge won't lead you to the promised land? Whodda thunk it?
When someone tells me an orange can be my higher power I have to question their ability to advise me about...well, anything.

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