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Council says no to another methadone clinic

By John K. Manna
New Castle News

New Castle City Council has denied another request for a methadone treatment facility.

By a unanimous vote last night, the five council members turned down Freedom Healthcare Services� request for a conditional use to operate a methadone treatment facility in an M-1 light industrial district at 401 S. Jefferson St.

The building is Penn Power�s former maintenance garage.

Council members made no comment before they voted.

Prior to the meeting, Councilwoman Karen DeCarlo said, �I just don�t believe it needs to be in the city at all.�

After the meeting, Councilwoman Christine Sands said that from a �quality of life� standpoint, �I don�t think it�s proper for the city of New Castle.�

Council president Rob Ratkovich echoed similar sentiments, saying he doesn�t believe the city needs a methadone treatment facility.

Councilmen Will Quimby and Chet Orelli Jr. declined to comment.

Earlier in the meeting, council accepted five letters of opposition to the facility from business people and residents who live in the vicinity of the building.

On May 11, council voted down an ordinance to change a portion of Sampson Street on the West Side from an M-1 light industrial district to C-1 local commercial.

Local developer Michael Wish requested the change so a vacant building could be used as a methadone clinic. Such clinics are permitted in local commercial districts.

In opposing that clinic, DeCarlo suggested Jameson South as a possible location. Ratkovich agreed, and questioned why locations outside the city had not been considered.

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