Feb 11 17 2:51 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I had just about given up ever being able to talk to everyone on ATWatchdog because I just can not do Facebook and I have been told everyone was moving to FB.   Just a little while ago, missing the old days, and out of lonliness for the times when I used to read about everyone, I decided to do a search and see if I could find it...(find the regular board again, rather than Facebook)  

But, first,  I looked for "AT Watchdog FB page" and did not get anything which resembled what I knew, but found myself here, and even signed in with my regular name (which used to be Karan, but I had to change it to Kar92 because of some sign-in issues), and presto!   It worked!

However I do not know how old these posts are so I will read a bit and see if things are a couple of years old or if some ppl are sitll posting here. I hope there is still a core group.  I miss everyone and miss talking to those who used to contribute.  I am still on Sub and it has helped me immesely.  I would have liked to go on M'done except I just knew I could never make it to a clinic every day. I am older now than when I first joined this group over 15 years ago.  I am happy to have 3 grandchildren which I did not have when I first joined, in fact my daughter had just graduated from college back then. Now so much more has happened.

Anyway, now to read and see what members have been up to. I hope everyone is well!!


edited to add:  I see the board has me a member since only 2011,   but I've been with Watchdog since 2004, but the board keeps changing, so I guess it changes everyone to the date the new board updates itself.  Can't find spellcheck so please excuse typos :)


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