Aug 1 16 2:54 PM

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Hi everybody, I'm new here. I have a question...
I've been at my clinic in RI for over 5 years. Been clean since my first 3 months there. Never a had dirty UA or any other violations. I have been on a split dose for almost 4 years due to my metabolism and not wanting to go any higher in my dose. Now my question is... At my clinic we can get up to 2 weeks of takehomes at a time. I get 6 now and when I was due for more my clinic came up with an arbitrary rule saying that because I'm on a split dose I can only have 1 week of takehomes. I pay cash and was even willing to pay a month at a time, but they won't budge. Mind you, other clinics in my state give 2 week takehomes to their patients with split doses. All my clinic keeps telling me is that it is a federal regulation, which I know to not be true. Any info. or suggestions on what to do would be appreciated. Thanks(and you have a great forum here)