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May 27 16 9:35 AM

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I'm probably worrying myself over nothing, but my job is relocating me to the Raleigh NC area. I currently live in PA and need to know if my take homes will transfer to the new clinic.  I've been in MMT now for 6 year, never failed a UA, and have my weekly take homes 6 bottles.  I really need to keep them since I travel for work a lot and cannot go everyday. When I talked to a clinic in NC, they said it should not be an issue, but can't guarantee anything till they get my records sent to them. I cannot do this now until next week, but I need to make a decision now regarding the move now.

Any advice wil greatly be appreciated!

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Jun 15 16 4:34 PM

worried about move

Hi, I live in NC. I dont think you will have trouble with it. If you can I would have my counsler write a letter for you stating you have not failed any drug tests, you have followed all the guildlines.  I think if you were to run into any problem at worst they would make you come in the first week. I  have found NC kliniks have gotten to where if you do the program right and dont have any problems they dont give you a hard time. If I can be of help let me know. My mom was from PA and I used to spend some summers up in Franklin/Oil City area when I was a kid.  I will keep you in my prayers, 

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Jun 25 16 7:17 AM

It all depends what the TH regs in NC are. Generally, if you move to a new state, and you've not spent enough time in treatment to have earned TH's in that state, they'll phase you back down to what you'd have earned had you been in that state all along.

As you've been in treatment for 6 years, I cannot see you having a problem. Some info should travel with you when you change clinics, so they should see that you've got a good record of drug free UA's.

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