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Mar 11 16 1:13 PM

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It's taken nearly 4 years to go from 180 mg Methadone down to 5mg Suboxone. I'm physically AND mentally just DRAINED! I sleep all day, am clearly depressed and have not left my house more than twice a month for 3 months (or 4!). I can't even drag myself to church!! Medical Marijuana IS legal here in Maine, and my docs BOTH want it for me, rather than my Benzo. BUT- It's FEDERALLY illegal, and my fiance/husband/? is on FEDERAL Probation. So, State Law doesn't matter!! My docs are frustrated, so am I! If I didn't know better, I'd just go cold turkey from 5mg of Sub AND 10mg Valium 3x per day!!! I am REALLY that frustrated, and SOOO TIRED!
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Jun 25 16 7:23 AM

XA - seen as how your quality of life has gone so fa downhill since you got to these low doses of Subs, will your Dr's not write to the state and say that you need to remain in treatment? There ARE people getting approved in Maine to stay in both MMT and Suboxone treatment, and I think with all of your different things you have going on, you would be a perfect candidate for this.

I just think that trying to also come off the Klonopin would be too much for you.

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