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Aug 15 15 7:04 PM

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Hi folks. .I was once on the old site back in the 1990s I think. I've been clean from everything about 4-5 years now and did my 10 years arguing with the silly people in clinics, but tapered off to zero. I had to leave my home and lose everything I owned including my ex, but I made it. I had a few stops in homeless shelters, but I'm doing fine now in South Carolina.
I don't even remember any of my old user names so nobody will likely remember me. I went from Dayton Ohio to Indiana to Texas, back to Ohio and finally here in South Carolina. Yeah, I know. .conservatives. .yuck, but what can you do?
Life is good and my days of using are history. Treatment is long over and I'm living proof that you can make it. .

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Sep 16 15 5:29 AM

Hi Marty and welcome back! Good to hear that you're doing OK now. I think we've all been through the wars a little bit, but with the help of MMT hopefully th worst is over!! :)

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