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Apr 3 15 8:25 PM

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I've been a stable patient for 14 years. Last week, went to pick up my take homes, (i get 2 weeks, the most you can get in Hawaii) the dosing nurse was new (the clinic recently hired 2 new nurses) and she told me that the dr. had to sign off on my yearly review (when I get my physical and blood work) Nothing that ever phased me before. I am super busy working fulltime and in school fulltime..... (taking Biology A&P) and I work as a substance abuse youth counselor (I obtained my CSAC in 2012) the certificate at my university. I am not state licensed yet. Working on my hours. Anyways...i am a very stable patient. Been at same clinic for 14+ years. Last year....I went to Santa Fe...and visited my ex boyfriend...and transfered to the clinic there for about 3 months....just took an extended vacation....had the greatest trip but....came back home and transfered back to Ke Aloha Ola Mau (my clinic in hawaii) it was a seemless transfer....except for the fact that they made me come daily for 2 weeks....and had to wait a month to earn my 14 day takehomes back......but whatever. I did it.
Clinic has been fine. I drive from Northshore to Honolulu every 2 weeks......every other friday.
Today I get to clinic at 5:40 am. My heart dropped as I pulled up. The lights are pitch black. No body is standing in line. WTF?????!
I get to the door and our clinic is located in an office building, I see the building maintence guy says "Oh, the clinic is closed today...." my fricken heart sank. I've NEVER EVER missed a dose in 14 years. I am on 180 mgs. WHAT???

I happened to have my counselors "cell phone" number in my phone and call it immediatley!!!!! NO FUCKEN ANSWER. OMG..... then....of course, I called clinic and the only thing the recording says "call 911 in an emergency: Trust me, i was completely PANICED.

I then drove to the emergency anxiety was coming on strong when the ER nurse told me that "we dont give out Methadone, sorry" .... I said "Okay, but can you help me get ahold of the doctor".....

Our clinic dr. happens to be an "off island" doctor. He flies to Oahu once a week to do the new intakes and whatever business needs to be done at clinic. make matters worse there was NO NUMBER FOR THE DR. Joseph Turban. I called 411. Tried all the outter islands even, in hope of getting ahold of him.....and having him call the clinic staff. While at the ER, they had a social worker come and try to help me. I gave her all the numbers that I had for the clinic. She first told me to go to the other clinic on the island. But.....the truth is, that would do me NO GOOD. I cant just walk into a random clinic and get my dose. NOT POSSIBLE. on a friday. Let alone, a good friday without Dr. on staff. But....the second clinic was closed today too.

So......I got increasingly aggitated. Panicy. I have been on 180 mgs. for 12 years......NEVER missing a dose. EVER. I have heard nightmares.....

I talked to a friend that offered to give me Klonopin for the withdrawl symptoms....but I was worried about taking them....however, I would have, to help the discomfort.

ON my way back home....I decided to drive by the clinic again, at 9:30 am, to see if there was a note on the door, to make sure that they were not closed for the HOLIDAY weekend. (easter) ..... I get out of my car, walked up the stairs.....and I was an emotinal messs.....shaking and paniced. As I was walking upstairs......I see the DOSING NURSE leaving.

I screamed "Jerrrry, Jerry......I need my medicine"
She looked at me like I was crazy. She was leaving....had her bags in her hand and leaving for the weekend. Ended up....she came in for a few hours to 'sand a table' for the clinic. (she likes to volunteer and do nice things like that)
She said "What do you mean you dont have your meds" ..... I explained the story to her. She took me upstairs and dosed me.!!!!!!
I kept thinking I was dreaming...... I mean.....first it was a nightmare.....and then.....I thought i was dreaming when I saw her.

I started crying.....i was so happy.


I am gonna have a word with the director, Lisa Cook about having an emergency contact number. She is an awesome lady. And.....the nurse told me that it was actually MY COUNSELORs fault. Because she didn't put in my "yearly order" to get signed by the doctor. And the friday before....when I came in, it was a brand new nurse that told me that. But....I figured that it would resolve itself....however. I cannot ever think like that. My health and sanity is too important.

I've had nightmares about running out of methadone. Or being without. Today.....was a trip. I am just thankful that I am okay. It was a miracle that the dosing nurse walked out when she did. Or I would be in a world of hurt right now.

I know that people say "oh, its okay to miss a day" but, fuck that. NO. It isn't. I know that I wouldn't die. But......its just not okay. NObody should ever endure this. It was scary.

My clinic needs a "emergency phone number" on the voicemessage. Not just "call 911". Omg...I thought about breaking a window to get the cops there so that they would get the number to the director of the clinic. My mind went a lot of places.

I got my second weeks takehome today. week, I will be back on my 2 week take home schedule.

Ughhhhh! I am just thankful to be okay.


Love and aloha!

P.S. DURING my panic at the ER, I thought, I wish that I had "chris kellys number from Watchdog" because she would know what to do! Lol....


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Apr 5 15 5:24 AM

Did they not tell you that you needed to come on a different day to get your meds? Or have a notice in the lobby or something?

Are the clinics always shut on Good Friday? Here they are always shut, so we know that if we are due to pick up on that Friday that we need to speak to the clinic about what day they want us to come on.

You're so lucky that the dosing nurse was there, and that she did actually dose you. She could have been a bitch and said No, the clinics closed, so it was nice of her to take you in and sort it all out.

You're right about the contact numbers and contingency measures though. Emergency numbers should be available, and patients should be made aware what they need to do to get dosed if they get to the clinic and for whatever reason it's closed (like in a weather emergency or something). All clinics should have a emergency procedure that all the patients know about.

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