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Feb 28 15 3:32 PM

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Hi there! Just wanted to reintroduce myself. I was an mmt patient 5 yrs ago and jumped from 90mg at a detox in Florida and was ok for a while. Fast forward to today, I am a chronic pain patient with 3 surgeries in the past year, I find myself on the bus. So my family Dr says I'll be in pain the rest of my life from chronic abdominal surgeries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, disc degenerative disease and hypoglycaemia and severe nutritional and mineral deficiencies and prescribes me 75mg fent patches, 4 60mg MS Contin a day and Percs for breakthrough pain. Got myself off the patches but couldn't get off the other stuff. I tried kratom, kratom extract, etc. Couldnt take the pain. So I always said I'd never go back to methadone, so I'm going to suffer 24 hours and try suboxone. Go to the clinic, start at 8mg, not enough, go up to 12mg, still not enough but they send me on my merry way. Then yesterday, I go to the pharmacy dose the 12, and try to go to work. A no go. Went back to the clinic, 4 more, nothing, another 4 for a total of 20, still no relief. And that brings us to today. Back on 25mg to start of methadone and ready to try again. The smart way this time. Stay on as long as I have to. I'm a working mother of 2 children, married and am only 34 years old. I need this to work. I'm Canadian by the way. So just wanted to share my story. 2 days of subs and today methadone. I'm looking for support, info and a good place to connect with others about how I'm feeling. Thanks for having me! Macml
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Mar 1 15 6:04 AM

If, when you were on methadone before, you needed a dose in excess of 60mg, you may have found that Suboxone was not that affective for you, due to it only being a partial agonist. I also don't know if it would have had a negative effect on the rest of the pain meds that you're taking, and mean that you got no effect from them, so i think that in your situation methadone was probably the best choice by far. Also, due to the ceiling effect on Suboxone, and the partial agonist effect of the med, that any dose over 16mg you're getting more of an antagonist effect than you are an agonist (good) one.

How quickly will they increase our dose of methadone? As 25mg is a very small dose.

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