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Jan 22 15 10:31 PM

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   I haven't been here for years. I don't even remember the name of the really nice person who was running it at the time.She was from in Missouri and has since passed away, I think. I always found this place to be incredibly informational. It also reminded me that I wasn't alone and others were fighting this same fight.  I've been "lurking" for the last little while and thought I'd re-introduce myself.

   I've been on MMT for a whole lot of years. I have succeeded despite the sometimes assinine, always obtuse rules and regs of the game. My clinic has gone from a pretty wonderful "Mom & Pop" clinic that was run out of a psychiatry office to just another large, calloused, chain organization. But I just keep plugging along. It's been probably ten years since I've changed anything. I come in, pay on time, and deal with the place as little as I possibly can. I really don't even think about my treatment very often. I've been humbly working up the corporate ladder, raising kids and basically living life.I haven't had so much as a beer for over 13 years. It's just not something I worry myself with these days.

   Anyway, I'll chime in occasionally. I think this medicine can work wonders if the clinics and narcs would get out of the way. But it's also not something to take lightly. Just like it was in elementary school, there's always some fools that get recess taken away from the whole class. As a society, "this is why we can't have nice things". Ha!

   I hope everyone had good holidays.

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Jan 23 15 5:58 AM

Hi rrpostal, and welcome back! I think you mean Terri? She used to run the site, but sadly she passed away. It's good to hear the you're doing good, and you're so right, it's always the few idiots that ruin everything for the rest of us!

At my clinic recently, a man and woman killed their baby daughter by either giving her methadone, or allowing her to ingest it, the police are not sure which, and as a result, we all had to be re-evaluated, and anyone with kids living with them that has a positive drug screen now gets their TH's removed immediately.

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