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Jun 12 14 11:24 AM

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I just called the new clinic run by Evergreen that is closer to where I live. I am happy to say the person I spoke to was very nice and I basically just need my counselor to call them about transferring. They are also about $60 a month cheaper which for someone like me who doesn't make much its a good amount. 

I would really like to talk to someone who is familiar with Evergreen. I asked about take homes and that I am a monthly person and she said they do that as well. I imagine I will just have to wait and see what my counselor finds out about my getting monthly take homes from the new clinic. I don't mind going in a little more frequently for a time but I would hate to lose my monthly take home status. It's just so much easier to plan things when you only go in once a month especially vacation. I haven't had a vacation in a few years but I am hoping to save up enough to make a trip back to DC to visit friends and family and Florida to see a close friend. I hope to do this in September or October. Being able to plan the trip would be much easier if I am monthly obviously. I have flown with a good amount of my bottles before and as long as they were in clear zip lock bags in my purse or carry on bag I've never had a problem. I am too nervous to put them in a suitcase in case they hold it or lose it etc. I cannot imagine the nightmare of losing my doses and having to go to an unfamiliar clinic or worse, not be allowed replacements. 
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Jun 13 14 8:37 AM

I know through AATOD Ron Jackson who used to be there, but I believe just retired. I can't say that I know a whole lot about them.

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Jun 14 14 4:55 AM

Ok, thanks Cher. Do you know where Rhian would be able to find out about them, as she cannot find any reviews online? I have suggested guest dosing there to get a feel for the place before committing to actually moving.

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