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May 25 14 2:33 AM

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image Not sure what to advocate for...I started out with Methadone several times and it just really did wierd things with my psych meds. I went back to using, NEEDED to change and went on Sub for 14 months *BUT* the family physician handling my case refused to go above 8mg so I quit, got sick and had MMT as an option. They fixed my psych meds and 180mg held me for 9-12 months before MaineCare (Medicaid) put a LIFETIME 2 YEAR limit on MMT and a 2 yr "step-down" on Suboxone so I tapered from 180 down to 69mg by 3mg/wk in 6-9? Months and then said: "Let's DO THIS" and started going down 5mg/wk from 69 to 30 and then styed at 30 for 30 days before going 3 days with NOTHING!! May 3rd was the last dose of Methadone and May 6th, I started Suboxone (8mg). May 13th, I was increased by a WHOPPING 2mg. Now, I'm ok but the doc has me taking my 8 strip in the AM and the other 2 strip in the early afternoon. My sleep is a ROYAL mess, I'm still a LOT more agitated than I should be and I'm very restless/fidgety. Should I ask to go from 10 to 12mg on the 27th?? I don't want to delay going to 30 DAY appmts and they won't go up to 30 day visits until I am "dose stable"!! I go in every 14 days now but I don't want to sacrifice feeling normal simply to get them to put me up to 30 day scripts...What do I do?-wait to go up to 30 day status to achieve better stability (which would take 2 visits-a whole month) OR just suck it up and deal with this sleep and restlessness to get to 30 day status??
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May 25 14 4:40 AM

I just do not think that split dosing when you're not on a stable dose is a good idea. You're never going to know if it's your dose is too low, or the split is wrong. I would concentrate on taking it either all at once, or at least a split of 50/50.

The thing is that you are going to feel more nervous energy on Suboxone then you did on methadone, that might not decrease that much with dose increases, as you'll also be increasing the Naloxone and the antagonist effects.

I don't understand the reasoning behind not getting you onto a stable dose before seeing if you even need to split dose. You didn't need to split dose methadone, so I doubt that your metabolism is so high that you need to split dose.

I guess the only thing to do is ask for the increase and see if it makes a difference!

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