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Jan 24 16 10:32 PM

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Hey all!!
I have been quite "up and down" in my emotions, anxiety (especially), and mg of Suboxone!! As most of you know: I had tapered off Methadone, onto Suboxone. Started at 180 of Methadone, and I got down to 6 of Sub. Coming off Suboxone is SUPPOSED to be faster-GRRRR!! My highest dose of Sub was 12 and when I get below 6mg, I get sick & the doc has 2 go back up!! WHYYYY!!????! Right now we alternate days with 5mg, then 6mg the next day. Next month, we are going to 5mg EVERY DAY. I came off 180mg of Methadone in 11 MONTHS!! Why is Suboxone SO, VERY hard 4 me?? The Nursing Supervisor says I've done it "amazingly quickly, with great progress and ALL clean UAs". I still feel like Suboxone is kicking my ass when it should NOT be nearly as hard as coming off 180 of Methadone- True or just being hard on myself??
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Feb 23 16 8:17 AM

Hi XJ, I'm so sorry you're getting frustrated with the taper :(

Lot's of people have been led to believe by their clinic or Dr that Suboxone is "easier" to come off than methadone, but this really isn't true. As it binds to the opiate receptors more tightly it can be a lot harder to actually stop those last few mgs. I don't think it's "kicking your ass" at all, I think you're being WAY too hard on yourself, and that it's a hugely difficult medication to get off. Methadone WD's are actually one of the least severe of all the opioids, they just can last a little longer due to the half life of the meds, but Suboxone WD's can be really brutal, especially when you add that to the fact they bind so tightly to the opiate receptors.

Do you still actually HAVE to come off it? Has nothing changed in Maine on that front? Is the Dr prepared to write the letter that you need to stay on it? I would have thought that with your MH issues, that any problems like this would be taken really seriously by your Dr.

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