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Oct 1 15 8:55 AM

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I'm terrified of this website for multiple reasons. The concept of it being hacked as is implied and my information being out there is horrendous, but I also just generally dislike feeling like an addict I suppose, which I don't consider myself.

For 5 years I've been on methadone illegally. It started out because my doctors stopped giving me pain pills (I was 19 and they didn't want to give me pain pills thanks to new DEA regulation) and a friend of mine suggested methadone. I've had a steady supply, and at one point was taking 30mg, but am now down to 10mg once a day and stable. I have a girlfriend, I'm starting college and I actually want to get into the medical field. I feel like I'm doomed, however, because I take this pill. I've detoxed three times at home, each lasting about six months before suicide became preferred over the bitter, cold loneliness and pain that was methadone withdrawal. Each time I came very close to suicide, but took a methadone tablet to see if I could come back, and each time I did. Each time my life improved, not when I detoxed, but when I got back onto it.

I feel like the drug has done me well, and I don't feel like an addict. Dependant, sure, but addicted? Not really. I want to continue taking it, I think it's the best thing for me to keep momentum in my life, but I need to get a license and I can't do that morally while on an illegal pain pill. It could ruin my life if I got into an accident as well. I know of suboxone, but does it stop you from feeling so cold and pained all the time? I lose all interest in life when I'm off methadone, not in an 'I need this drug and without it I'll die' sort of way, in a very passive, 'I no longer find pleasure in even the most pleasurable activities' sort of way.

I recently went in for a minor procedure and needed to declare methadone to my doctor for the first time. She's looking into what causes my pain, and I'm afraid if she doesn't find anything with tests, she'll assume I'm an addict and won't help. I don't know what to do, and I don't know how to procede. I obviously can't go to a clinic because I don't drive, so what are my options, and will a pain clinic potentially switch me over to a legal prescription? Also, I've heard regulation thanks to organizations like HARMD (they may be dead, but their legacy of methadone witch hunts seem to live on...) will soon make methadone treatment almost impossible. Is that true? I appreciate any help or words of wisdom. I've avoided this for so many years, and if I'm ruined for it, so be it. I'm barely living as is.
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Oct 2 15 7:19 AM

Hi Ralph, and welcome. For some methadone patients, Suboxone works well, particularly those that are used to lower doses. BUT, as it''s only a partial opioid agonist, it just doesn't fulfil all those needs like a full agonist would, so some people find it increases anxiety etc.

A pain clinic could potentially put you on methadone, but they won't start you out on it, you'd have to go through trying all the other stuff first, if you just came out and said you wanted methadone, they would think you were 'drug seeking'.

Maybe the best thing to do would be to try Suboxone (or Subutex, as that is less likely to cause anxiety) and see how you get on? As you're on such a low dose of methadone you have a much better chance of it working well for you. You have to be in proper withdrawals before you can start Suboxone/Subutex though, you take your last dose of methadone, and you have to wait until proper WD's kick in, not just a little sniffle, proper ones, and then take the 1st dose of Subs, but your Subs Dr should explain all that.

There are implications with being on Suboxone and then potentially having to take pain meds, as buprenorphine (the active ingredient) blocks the opiate receptors so that pain meds won't really work. Either that or you have to take a pain med with a really high affinity for the opiate receptors like Fentanyl, or much higher doses of 'normal' pain meds. So that's something you need to consider too.

What do you think about that?

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Dec 29 15 3:52 PM

I think Suboxone would be perfect for you. You fit the criteria for somebody who is switching from methadone to suboxone - you have to be below 30mg/day and you are well below that. It would be an easy transition IMHO and like sapphire76 said, you could just give it a try, and if it doesn't work out then stop taking it (with a taper of course). I was on 8mg of Suboxone for about 5 months and quit cold turkey with little to no withdrawal....its nothing like the horror of methadone w/d. I say give it a shot!


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