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Jul 17 15 6:14 PM

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About a month ago, I checked into the clinic and was given my cup and bottle for a UA sample. I continued to wait in line to be dosed. After dosing, while heading for the bathroom, I was interrupted by my counselor to go into her office and sign a treatment plan. We then talked for about 10 minutes. I left her office and headed for the door. I took TWO STEPS outside when I remembered I hadn't done the UA. The empty cup and bottle still in my hand. I immediately went back inside and mentioned it to my counselor who seemed to not know what to do or why I was even telling her in the first place. I told her my reason for wanting to bring it to someone's attention was because I knew the clinic had a rule about no UA sample leaving the building and I wanted to show that the bottle was still empty. She called her supervisor over and explained what happened and even told her how she distracted me after dosing by calling me into her office. I was told it had to be recorded as an "incomplete." She would not allow me to do the UA. I volunteered to do a supervised UA and she said no. She told me I'm not going to lose my takehomes, I would just get put back into the system to do another UA at some point. I was relieved and I left, but I wasn't happy with the fear I had felt. After ten years of being a model MMT patient, I've learned that it almost doesnt matter how "good" you are or how "clean" you are because if you are there long enough, at some point you are going to make a stupid mistake like the one I made and risk losing everything. "Everything" being what so many of us depend on in order to live normal lives...our takehomes.
Last week I was at the dosing window and the nurse asked me if I had this month's benzo rx. I told her I didn't and she looked like she was deciding what to do, which I couldn't understand because for the six years I've been prescribed one daily xanax, I had always brought my documentation in at the end of the month without question and I still had a couple of weeks to go on my rx. She then told me that she was putting it in the computer that if I didn't bring it in this week than I would not receive my takehomes "especially because you left here with your last urine sample and that can be considered the same as having a positive UA." I started telling her that is not what happened and she didn't want to hear it. Tomorrow I'm going in with my RX, but I don't know wether to ask for answers or to just let it go. How can walking two steps out the door with an empty cup be considered a positive UA?
I just find myself becoming more bitter as each year passes. I pay twice as much as most patients because I pay cash. I EARNED monthly takehomes only to have the state rip them away and deny anyone more than six days because of the mistakes other people make. The staff at the clinic is constantly changing now. Just when you feel like a staff member is starting to look at you like a person, they're gone, someone new takes their place and the rest goes without saying.
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Jul 24 15 4:50 AM

That does seem unfair to have the UA recorded as 'incomplete' as the counsellor prevented you from doing it. I suspect the only reason the nurse has been on your cause about the Xanax script is because it's on the computer as 'incomplete UA'. I would speak to the director, or file a complaint, as this was not at all your fault.

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Aug 4 15 7:25 PM


I rent from a woman who is the Mother of a friend of mine for 30 plus years...we all know each other well.  Well over the last 9 months of living here the friend of mine and daughter to her has still been using drugs they live above me.   I have tried very hard to get her back into MMT as she used to do well on it when she went with me 7 years ago but she refuses but things got so bad she went from raging verbally to raging physically and beating her mom up so I at times was forced to get involved.  THREE TIMES THIS B!@#$% retaliated over me defending her mom and twice I lost my levels thank God just from 13 takehomes down to 6 but I SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PUNISHED AT ALL BECAUSE I WAS INNOCENT AND PROVED IT TOO.  But the all too familiar "the State will get mad if we do not punish you" came up as there reason to demote me and I suffered through 30 days both times...THINGS COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE AND MOST OTHER CLINICS WOULD HAVE TOOK THEM ALL AND TOOK THEM FOR LONGER PROBABLY, So I need to remain grateful.  THE FIRST TIME was really the worst and took me a little while to figure it out myself and by the time I did figure it out and prove it well my 30 days was up on it.  It is quite remarkable looking back as I only lost them for 30 days and only dropped one level from having 2 week takehomes to having to come in weekly instead.  This bitch knew how to hurt me though she took her Adderall and crushed it up and put it in my ground coffee which I drink daily so 2 times in 90 days I showed up positive for methamphetamine.  My first positive they did nothing as we can flunk one drug screen in 90 days with no consequence but we didn't do a confirmation as there was no punishment plus I just knew it was a fluke and it would cost 40 dollars and I knew there was NO WAY THIS COULD HAPPEN TWICE BECAUSE I WAS NOT TAKING any methamphetamine drugs of any kind. BUT IT DID HAPPEN AGAIN so I ask for a confirmation and when I heard adderall I just knew in my heart she had poisoned something of mine and she admitted it was the coffee but I lost my levels for 30 days regardless.  THE SECOND TIME she retaliated after I helped her mom get her removed from the house in court with a restraining order as I am a paralegal and knew how best too help her so she retaliated by calling my clinic and telling them I was a drug dealer well they believed me on this one as I had the proof of the Adderall and her mom and the court papers help my case too. The third time here recently which I get my level back on Friday thank god she got me by default as I had been ignoring her phone calls trying to beg apology and beg me to talk to her mom for her because she cant so I missed a "like telephone number" as the clinics and missed a Bottle Recall I had forgot all about Bottle Recalls because I had not had one in 3 years so I never thought about making sure all those calls were her and one of them happened to be the clinic.  Once again they gave me the least they could but I had to suffer the consequence like you did where you would think our good standing would be given more credence than they give us when we accidentally muck things up BUT NO they must punish us cuz we are still addicts in their eyes.    

Wishing You Best In Love & Life 

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Aug 26 15 9:32 PM

I agree...

   I agree with the fact that no matter how well you do... No matter how many years and how well you are following the rules...The system is designed to fail. I've gotten monthly carries for 15 years. But in the last 5 ears or so the clinic was bought out by a bigger chain. Now I have to do the whole "I'm on probation" call back nonsense a couple of times a week. From the very beginning it's an absolute sham. I don't think they realize how hard it is to call a pointless number twice a week upon penalty of not being given medication. They can't contemplate how easy it would be to forget that now and again. It is, quite literally, designed to make a perfectly compliant person fail.
    I wish I hadn't even thought this up. Because there are other stupid things about it:

    I travel as much as I can. I'm really thankful that I have my life back and I can do this. It's wonderful. But this year I've been to seattle, Detroit, North Carolina and Georgia, and am going to Europe in a couple months. Each of these times I ahave told the clinic the dates and shown them my itinerary. what do they say to do? Call in anyway, from wherever you are. Really? So now, on vacation, I need to still remember to call a pointless number (or else). Then, if I am told to come in, I have to come in and explain... Even though they already should know! And if I forget, it's as bad as a failed callback. Amazing. I have no idea what's going to happen with europe iuf my phone doesn't work?

    Even more annoying is the fact that it doesn't do anything! They tell me the regulations say they have to do it, but I have read them and it actually says they need to have a diversion plan. it does not specify call backs. But logic never works in that world. That's beside the point though. How is this supposed to stop someone from selling their meds? You would just wait until the day after you were supposed to take them, right? So it does not catch people diverting, unless they are really stupid, also. What it does do, however, is catch people who are not dosed properly and need to dip into the following days doses before they are supposed to. If they were paying attention, and have a good program, they should know this sort of stuff before giving someone weekly/ monthly carries.

   My last little aggravation is that I offered to cut to two week carries if I wouldn't need to do call backs. But, nope. I'd still call in just as much. For me, I'd rather have something I could actually plan on. It's really difficult to get a morning off of work and drive a two hour+ trip, on any given random Monday or thursday. It puts the life it gave me back in jeopardy. All because it's treated unlike any other prescription in the US. It's preposterous. I've always said that these medications work despite the dispensing programs, not because of it.

  I'm sorry for the rant. I must say, that after a couple (a few, maybe?) years of call backs, I haven't had any really horrible outcomes, yyet. Luckily we have cellphones now, so I can schedule myself time to make the calls twice a week. And it's not a crazy number of times they make me go in (although, I think I'm probably due). I know my clinic trusts me as much as any. It's really not their fault. So I don't take it out on them. It can really be a tough job with some of the folks coming through that are having hard times. I've got to say, though... Things like call backs, and other rules that are impossoible to follow, make me realize how nice it would be to be through with all this nonsense. If only it didn't work so well.

   End of rant...

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Aug 31 15 1:01 AM

@Way and @Dianna

It is EXTREMELY unfair when those of us who (consistently) do what we should be doing get the same treatment/are viewed as though we're "just another drug addict who will eventually make AT LEAST 1 bad choice". This is because "The natural inclination of any addict is to lie and get around the rules" is used as a "cookie-cutter" opinion among treatment "professionals". We can have ALL of the advocates & push all the "grievances" through that we want to waste our time on (at least here in The not-so-great State of Maine). We can even push those grievances up to the highest level of protocal! I choose to be disingenuously "honest", so they do NOT have ANY reason not 2 "like" me. At least with MY clinic/Sub Program, being bubbly, pleasant and NOTHING BUT POSITIVE (even if the dog just died AND the apartment complex just got busted for prostitution) makes them think of me as someone who doesn't react impulsively, reacts w/ logic instead of emotion AND OCCASIONALLY calls "for support with my anxiety". It IS a bit shady. However, as long as I'm not using (and can prove it on-the-spot), it seems to them that great progress HAS been maintained, and that I am the opposite of evasive...Rather willing to converse & tell more about ANYTHING. After all: If we have something 2 hide, we're creating our own problem!! It stinks, but "going the extra mile" to be just plain likeable works!!

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